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    Catherine Ogden

    One of the hardest things in our careers, at least in my opinion, is that we have to break “bad news” to parents. The news that their child has severe autism, is non-verbal, has intellectual disability, won’t be able to graduate with a diploma, requires a special day class or <span style=”background-color: #f6d5d9;”>residential </span>treatment center and many other panic enduing rough discussions. These are the hard conversations that typically fall on us to discuss with parents in the kindest way possible. How does spirituality come into play here? Has anyone encountered a parent who was resistant until they saw you at a spiritual function? When they overheard you talk about your faith? Did sharing a similar spirituality all of a sudden bridge a gap, smooth feathers, or help ease the conversation?

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    Lily Sais

    I have not seen any parents at a spiritual function or spoken about my faith outright but I do have a family in particular that I know shares my views in terms of spirituality and mindfulness and the universe.

    Recently I used my own spirituality in preparation for a tough IEP meeting.  The night before I was reading something and it reminded me to view that parent in a positive light, to send her light and love.  My spirituality reminds me not to join others in blame or judgements.  I strive to replace all negatives with a positive attitude, in which I seek to find and articulate the good in every heart.  Slowing down and connecting with my heart center helps my interactions with students and parents.

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