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    Lily Sais

    AB 1360 took effect on January 1, 2018 and the law makes clear what charter school operators must do to ensure equal admissions access and disciplinary due process for all students.  It states that a charter school shall admit all students who wish to attend the charter school. If there are not enough spaces, the charter school must hold a random, public lottery.  How does your school handle admissions?

    Does your school enroll a disproportionately low percentage of students with disabilities, low-achieving pupils, English learners, delinquent pupils, homeless pupils, economically disadvantaged pupils, foster youth, compare to surrounding schools?

    Do any of the school’s policies or practices seem to limit access to enrollment for any of these groups?

    Do you notice the opposite and your school enroll a higher percentage of students with disabilities?

    For more information look at this article:

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    Danielle Christy

    Our charter school, in Sacramento, does not ask if the student has a disability on the initial enrollment packet. We never exclude based on disability. I tend to think we enroll a higher percentage of certain types of disabilities. I am glad this law was passed, because I know some charter schools do have discriminatory practices, but I think it’s important to realize there are some amazing charter schools across the state and nation doing great things for kids with disabilities, and in some instances, giving them more opportunities than they are allowed at traditional public schools. Thanks for sharing !

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    Katie Pettersen

    This is a great convo. I hear a lot of negative rumors coming from outside people regarding unjust or inequitable admissions practices, but luckily have no experience with this. My schools utilize a blind lottery system, and similar to Danielle, we do not have any disability indicators on initial applications. It is typically only until after lottery and offers go out, do parents bring IEP/504 documentation with their completed enrollment paperwork. The only thing that could affect the lottery is that families who already have a child enrolled in our schools get priority for subsequent children.

    My charter network operates in under-resourced areas, and so I have found that our enrollment aligns well with the surrounding district schools, with regard to percentages identified as students of color, families receiving free/reduced lunch, or students with disabilities. However, our team has been working within the community to bring more information to families to debunk the myth that charter schools cannot / do not service students with IEPs, so that we can continue to be a resource within our community.

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    Lily Sais

    Thank you so much for joining the conversation! I agree that sometimes charters get a bad rap in terms of negative rumors.  I actually feel like where I went to school (which is a fabulous place) doesn’t have the best view on charters and doesn’t understand them.  How were charters discussed in your grad schools?

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