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    Nelarie Romo

    The availability of technology and the growing importance of the internet has transformed how we work and interact in the 21st century. With shortages in school-based professionals, some see the delivery of virtual services (e.g., assessment, counseling, consultation, observation) as a way to serve remote and underserved populations. As we begin to explore this new professional chapter, many questions arise. CASP and NASP have provided guidance in these areas, as well (take a look!). What has your experience been with virtual telehealth services? What do you know about virtual services? Do you think it’s a good idea? Do you think you would engage in this service delivery model?

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    Lily Sais

    This is a very interesting topic. As a school psychologist I have not had experience with virtual telehealth services but am interested to learn more. I have supported some students who are resistant to counseling (in and out of school) and I have wondered if they would be more open to something virtual. I know these services are available to adults. Outside of being school psychologist, I have used virtual telehealth services with a few doctors and therapists and while there were pros such as not having to leave my house- I missed the actual connection and I never felt like I could set up the exact right time when I would be alone (being married with kids) to fully emerge myself in the virtual therapy. I found it easier to feel safe and connected in person.

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