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    Lily Sais

    I loved hearing the pros and cons you all shared about working in a charter school or non tradition school setting! I’m curious what are some practices you have cultivated to prevent burn out and keep yourself feeling positive at work (having a good work-life balance)? If this is an area of need for you please feel free to share that too! Was there something you used to do? Something you read about and want to try? If you’re currently feeling on the road to burn out what are some things preventing you from implementing self-care?

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    Katie Pettersen

    I watch a lot of comedies on Netflix – that’s generally my go-to at the end of a long day before bed.

    I would like to increase my use of mindfulness and breathing strategies throughout the day!

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    Lily Sais

    Watching comedies on Netflix is a great way to relieve stress!  Laughing is the best medicine.  Have there been times when  you’ve used mindfulness and breathing during the day?  If so, what made that possible?  For me it helps to keep it small and sometimes that looks like breathing for 3 minutes.  Other times I use the insight timer app which is great.  I’ve also started using mindfulness with my kids and taking a few breaths (in and out) before we get out of the car and doing loving kindness meditation before bed.

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