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    Lily Sais

    As of the 2016–17 school year California had far and away the most charter schools and most students served by them of any state. Looking at California’s charter enrollment between 2003 and 2013, an Economics of Education Review paper published last year found that significantly more charters were unionized in the state than previous studies had estimated—about one in four (prior estimates were around 12 percent).

    Why do you think more charter school teachers have been coming around to unionizing in recent years?  Have there been any discussions at your charter?  There has been at mine.

    If your charter already has a union how do you see that protection?


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    Catherine Ogden

    Are teachers are at-will employees and not unionized. While teachers tend to more readily have unions.. what about us?  I know there is much discussion for the school psychologist to have their own union. But how does one do that when, specifically at charters, there are 2-3 of us (if we are lucky.)  I wonder if it is more difficult for charter employees to unionize due to the small number of personnel. Some prefer no unions due to the size of their schools and that fact that it can change the flexibility some charter schools offer to their employees along with the added expense of dues.


    At your charter (formally mine as well) what is the reasoning behind wanting to unionize?

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