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    Deni Dayan

    What is your school district actively doing to be a trauma-informed school? What trainings or programs are being implemented and have you noticed a difference?

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    Katie Pettersen

    This is definitely an area I would like to continue to research, in order to bring strong recommendations to my region. Some of our mental health counselors are trained in trauma-informed care, and are bringing great practices to their students. However, we currently don’t have a region-wide initiative or system for rolling out TIC practices across schools. Would love to see what’s worked for others here.

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    Lily Sais

    Great topic! I have done some research myself in terms of reading books and online materials. Last year I remember reading how mindfulness could be triggering for trauma and how to do trauma informed mindfulness. I am currently signed up to go to a PD at our COP on trauma. We don’t have a specific program. I consult with our mental health support team- school social worker and clinical psychologist.

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