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    Lily Sais

    The charter school that I work at is under the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) SELPA and we receive support through the Charter Operated Program (COP).  They offer support such as mental health and behavioral trainings, case conferences, and intensive behavioral support to name a few.  Last year was the first year that I became more involved in our COP and it has been invaluable!  I’m curious what support you all receive in your SELPA?  Have you attended trainings or received input and support?  What are some areas that you wish you had more support in?

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    Danielle Christy

    We are in Sacramento, through El Dorado County office of Ed and they offer lots of trainings on various topics and locations. What I mostly wish we had more of is meetings with just psychologists who work in charter schools, as we have a unique understanding/role.

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      Lily Sais

      Thank you Danielle and Katie!  What do you feel are the unique challenges that charter school psychs face?

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    Katie Pettersen

    My schools in the Bay Area also fall under the El Dorado County Charter SELPA, and I love them! I agree with Danielle’s sentiment, and actually tried a few years ago to coordinate a “Bay Area Charter School Psych Network” to maintain communication among school psychs from various charter orgs in the area who may feel like they are working on an island.

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