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    • Charter Schools and School Psychology
      This Special Interest Group for charter school psychologists is a place to generate conversations to promote best practices in school psychology and get support in navigating the day-to-day challenges of working in charter schools. The group will focus on making connections and getting support when working in a small/newly established district, daily rituals that can increase happiness at work, cultivating a positive state of mind, bringing out the best in others, allowing for change, and more.

      Moderated by Lily Sais

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    • 3 months, 2 weeks ago

       Catherine Ogden

    • Multi-Tiered System of Support
      MTSS is being strongly prioritized and promoted at both the federal and state levels. The focus of this discussion group is three-fold: 1) to assist school psychologists in becoming knowledgeable about MTSS best practices; 2) engender discussion around the topic; and 3) provide strategies to assist school psychologists in becoming an integral part of the discussion and process planning in their districts. If your district has a model program in place or your district has received a grant to implement MTSS, with corresponding training, we would like to hear about it. If you have questions about implementation or process, please post those. Lastly, if you have been heavily involved in the development and implementation of MTSS in your district, please share your experiences.

      Moderated by Susan Goldman

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    • 1 month ago

       Paskalina Bender

    • School Psychology and Dual Language
      What do we need to know about teaching dual and multiple language learners to support our assessments, interventions, and consultation with teachers? Beyond speaking a second language, what is best practice for bilingual school psychologists? What should be? How do we differentiate second (or third, fourth) language acquisition issues from learning disabilities? Speech and language problems? These are among the topics we will explore in the School Psychology and Dual Language Learners Special Interest Group.

      Moderated by Carol Robinson-Zañartu

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    • 9 months ago

       Carol Robinson-Zanartu

    • School Psychology and Spirituality
      Spirituality can be defined as not a religious sense, but a means of describing ways of thinking, being, and doing that are life sustaining and life enhancing both on an individual and organizational level. Education is referred to as a calling and a mission, rather than a job. Some may consider it a “soul craft.” How do those two statements resonate with you? For many, if not all of us, we were called to be a school psychologist. Sadly, between the testing, reports, lawyers, and paperwork we can easily forget that we are fulfilling that calling. How does spirituality then come into play? How do you work with families with different values than you, or families whose spirituality doesn’t align with special education services and supports? How does that come into play in counseling? CASP has created a special interest group for us to discuss these nuances. This online forum is for professionals to discuss how their own spirituality and that of the families and communities they serve can impact our day to day work life.

      Moderated by Catherine Ogden

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    • 3 months, 2 weeks ago

       Catherine Ogden

    • Trauma Informed Schools
      As we know, adverse childhood experiences have significant impact on later health outcomes (including mental health and life outcomes). This special interest group is designed to help practitioners in the field share resources, ideas, and tips on trauma informed practices. Some specific topics that may be discussed (but not limited to) are: Mindfulness, Discipline, Staff support, Staff development, Surveys used to measure growth and progress in both staff and students, and Climate and culture data collection.

      Moderated by Deni Dayan

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    • 8 months, 2 weeks ago

       Lily Sais

    • Virtual Services
      A shortage of school psychologists and other school-based professionals and an increasing demand for school psychological services has many districts inquiring about virtual service delivery models to meet the needs of their students. To try and address the shortage of professionals, many universities are also exploring the option of offering online graduate training programs. With these demands, an awareness of best practices and guidance is paramount to maintaining the integrity of these school-based professions. The focus of this special interest group is to dialogue about how virtual services are being used within schools; explore what is working and what isn’t; and, most importantly, to offer tools for professionals within the field. This special interest group will explore service delivery in both training school psychologists and in delivery of services, will help spread awareness of current NASP and CASP positions, and will explore professional implications.

      Moderated by Nel Romo

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    • 8 months, 1 week ago

       Lily Sais