California Association of School Psychologists


CASP Fall Convention 2016 Handouts

Friday Keynote, David Esquith: Improving School Climate and Safety

SS-02: LEP Exam Study Group

SS-04: Legislative Update

P-05: How to Increase Student Motivation

M-07: Mindfulness and Beyond: How to Use Mindfulness Practices to Support School-Wide Needs

P-24: Alternative Assessment as a Means to Reduce Disproportionality in Special Education

W-01: Fragile X in the Academic World

W-02: Identification of Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma and their Evidence-Based Interventions

W-03: Legal Update on What to Look for as a Child Abuse Mandated Reporter

W-04: Healing the Dark Side of Adoption, A “Live” Case Study

W-05: Trauma Informed Care Using Positive Discipline

W-08: Conversation with Purpose: Effective Interviewing For Assessment

W-10: PSW & English Learners

W-11: Using the “D” Word: Identifying and Addressing the Needs of Students with Dyslexia

W-12: Risk Assessment: Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention

W-15: Simple Sensory Tools Improve Executive Function in High School and Elementary School Students

W-17: Promoting Academic and Social Success (PASS) Through the Use of Mindfulness Based Intervention

W-19: Helping Them Show What They Know; Understanding and Helping Students with Executive/Regulatory Difficulties

W-21: A Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses Approach to SLD Identification: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How It Is Applied

W-23: Trauma & Neurology as a Barrier to Learning

W-24: Suicide Postvention: From the First 24 Hours Through the First Year

W-25: Exploring Restorative Practice within a Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

W-26: A Five-Dimensional Model of Executive Function: Cognition, Behavior, Social-Emotional, Academics & Impairment

W-29 Law and Ethics: Part II – Ethics

W-30: Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS)


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