CASP Fall Convention 2017 Handouts

CASP Legislative Update


W-35: Law and Ethics: Part II – Ethics


M-9: Helping Them Show What They Know; Understanding and Helping Students with Executive/Regulatory Difficulties


M-16: Language Difference or Language Delay: Assessing English learners


W-05: Assessment of Students with Co-Morbid Disorders


W-21: Best Practices, Strategies and Resources for Working with Dual Language/English Learners


W-23: Mindfulness and Beyond: Implementing Mindfulness Programs in the Schools as a Multi-Tiered System of Supports


W-32: LEP Exam Study Group & What to do with your license


W-33: Assessment of English Language Learners: Evidence-Based Evaluation and Best Practice


M-13 Assessing Dyslexia in Spanish Speaking English-Learners


W-04: Psycho-Educational Assessment of Complex Cases of Emotional Disturbance: A Case Study Approach


W-06: CDE Dyslexia Guidelines and School Psychologists


W-09: Trauma Informed Care: School Based Mindfulness Practices to Address Traumatic Stress


W-15: Understanding Anxiety in Individuals Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder


W-16: District-Wide Practices for Interventions and Assessment of Social-Emotional-Behavioral Needs


W-20: School-Based Autism Assessments


W-30: Comprehensive Suicide Prevention: Meeting the Mandates of AB2246


W-31: Tough Kids, Cool Counseling