California Association of School Psychologists


Student Volunteers are needed for CASP Spring Institute 2017

To be considered a workshop monitor:

CASP student members who volunteer to monitor workshops at CASP Spring Institute 2017 can attend the event on their volunteer day for free! Monitoring workshops involves assisting the instructor, making sure attendees who need continuing education credits sign in and out of the workshops and complete evaluation sheets, and monitoring workshop name badges.

The Alphabet Soup of School Climate will take place March 23-25 at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel in Santa Rosa. Workshop volunteers can participate in the workshops while it’s in session – and workshop monitors get lunch for free! Remember, you must be a CASP member to participate in this opportunity.
You will receive a student workshop monitors training by phone prior to Spring Institute.

Reminders:You must be a current CASP student member to participate in this opportunity. If you haven’t renewed your membership for this year and would like to become a student volunteer, please do so here first before applying to be a monitor. If chosen as a student monitor, you are agreeing to make a commitment to CASP to take part in this opportunity. Please make sure beforehand that you will not have prior engagements scheduled on the day/time of your assignment.

Workshop monitors will need to do the following:

  • Give instruction to the class: Are you able to effectively speak in front of an audience to get your point across? You will need to do so to let the workshop’s attendees know the basic online sign-in/sign-out process for the workshop, all of which you will be familiar with beforehand.
  • Be a leader in the workshop: Will you able to direct workshop attendees to the registration booth when necessary? You will be asked to check the name badge of each attendee as they walk into the workshop to make sure their badge has the proper workshop number on it. This makes sure that each attendee is in the workshop they should be in. If the attendee does not have a badge with the corresponding workshop’s number on it, you will need to direct them to the CASP Registration Booth to register for the workshop (if there is room left for them to do so).
  • Adhere to the instructor: Can you follow the instructor’s requests to fill his/her needs when necessary?
  • Complete your assignment: Can you stay until the end of the workshop and make sure the attendees have signed out properly? This means being able to help them to sign-out online at the end of the workshop or directing them to the hard-copy sign-out sheets and evaluation sheets that they can use if necessary. Making sure attendees sign-in and out properly is specifically important because this is the way that they will receive their CEUs.

To be considered as a workshop monitor:

  1. View the workshop descriptions on the Spring Institute Page and decide which workshops you’d like to volunteer for.
  2. Please choose two 3-hour workshops or one 6-hour workshop to volunteer for in a day. For example, if you choose to volunteer on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, choose one 3-hour workshop to volunteer for the morning of your chosen day, and one 3-hour for the afternoon of that same day OR you can choose one 6-hour workshop for consideration.
  3. Volunteers are only needed for the sessions that begin with “W”. For example, choose only the workshops that are noted W-01, W-05, etc. on the Spring Institute Page workshop schedule. You will be asked on the student monitor application to make two choices of workshop selections just in case your first choice has already been taken.
  4. Fill out the student monitor application
  5. Wait for confirmation of your assignment by email
  6. Await further instructions regarding your assignment by email

Note: If you will be attending workshops on days in addition to your volunteer day, you will need to pay the admission for those days. You will only receive free admission to Spring Institute on the day that you volunteer. Student monitor considerations are on a first come, first serve basis. So choose your workshops and submit your application today!

Thank you for considering this volunteer opportunity on behalf of your professional association.