California Association of School Psychologists



The Alumni Club is a new mechanism for raising money for the CASP Political Action Committee. It’s also a way for CASP’s retired, leading and other interested members to have a role in securing the future of the profession. All Alumni Club members are recognized for their efforts.

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Please note: this donation is not tax-deductible.

The purposes of the Alumni Club are to:

  • Encourage active CASP retirees and other interested CASP members to maintain professional contact with CASP
  • Offer opportunities for school psychologists to maintain professional interests, contribute to the field, and sustain the deep history of the organization
  • Support the Vision and Mission of the School Psychology Foundation:
    • Vision: The Vision of the California School Psychology Foundation is to engage in the purposeful activity to create the scaffolding to build and sustain the image of the School Psychologist and increase the visibility of the profession in the field
    • Mission: The Mission and Purpose of the California School Psychology Foundation is to promote and advance the efficacy of School Psychology practice through scholarship and education, research and training, and outreach to educators, parents and the community to improve the wellbeing of children and youth
  • Utilize senior members’ wisdom and contacts to improve advocacy and expectations for school psychology.
  • Provide an additional revenue source for political action campaigns



There are two ways to become a member of the Alumni Club

  • PAC Donation: Donations of $100 or more per year makes one a club member.
  • Time donation: Donating time and expertise to spread the word about the need for school psychologists.


PAC Donations

With an annual donation of $100, Alumni Club members will receive Legislative Updates from CASP, occasional requests to write letters of support (or opposition) regarding potential legislative and regulatory actions, and to consider visits to their state representatives regarding education and school psychology issues. This is to assist with the revitalization of the CASP “For the Children” Political Action Committee.


Time Donations

“What School Psychologists Do” is the theme of this section of the Alumni Club program. Members will be asked to visit two community college or university psychology classes each year to introduce the students to school psychology. When interest has been determined CASP will schedule the presentations, send materials to the club member and follow up on how well the presentation was received. The club member decides where and when to make the presentation. This program is designed to increase the visibility of school psychology as a profession, as noted in the California School Psychology Foundation Vision Statement.


Benefits of Alumni Club Membership


At the Spring Institutes and annual conventions, Alumni Club members will be invited to a private social event. The event will be determined by the Alumni Club leaders, with the location of the institute or convention in mind. New Alumni Club members will receive their membership pins at each of these events.


Legislative issues

Alumni Club members’ opinions will be solicited on major legislative issues that affect school psychologists.


Lapel Pins

Every Alumni Club member will receive a custom Alumni Club lapel pin. A series of pins is being developed to denote the length of time in the Alumni Club.

The Alumni Club will celebrate 66 years of CASP Conventions with a dinner at the historic Mission Inn, located two blocks from the Riverside Convention Center, where CASP Convention 2015 will be held. The dinner will be held Friday, October 16, starting at 6:00 p.m. New Alumni Club members will receive their lapel pins, we’ll discuss our legislative successes this year and get your opinions on what CASP should pursue in the coming years. More details to come.

To learn more and to get involved as a founding CASP Alumni member, contact Lynne Aung or Heidi Holmblad.