California Association of School Psychologists


The following surveys have been submitted to CASP:

ASD Coordinated Care School Psychologists

This survey is part of a study to learn more about school psychologists’ perceptions of and experiences with engaging in coordinated care in serving students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The survey contains a short demographic questionnaire as well as a short section about school psychologists’ training in ASD. The main portion of the survey contains questions about school psychologists’ experiences in coordinated care in serving students with ASD including a qualitative portion asking participants to share their experiences. The final portion of the survey asks participants to enter their email to be entered into a drawing for an gift card.

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CASP Self Investment Survey

The purpose of this survey is to identify those strategies and activities that school psychologists employ early in their career to help manage the work – and thrive! We call these “self-investments.”
If you are an early-career (<4 yrs) psychologist, please tell us what you are DOING NOW that are effective. If you are further along in your career (>4 yrs), please tell us what activities you DID that were helpful.

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