Michael Goodman Memorial Research Award

Michael Goodman was a CASP president who encouraged active research on the part of students, trainers, and practicing school psychologists. The CASP Board of Directors created this $500 cash award in memory of Michael Goodman upon his passing in the 1990s. Paper and Poster presentations may be eligible for this award.

Award Criteria

  • The study must be submitted for presentation at the CASP Convention.
  • The research paper must focus on a problem or question that clearly relates to the practice of school psychology.
  • The study must not have been published prior to the Convention.
  • The study must be original, not an analysis of another project. Secondary data analysis of a data set from a previously reported study is permitted only if it consists of re-analyzing the data.
  • The study must specifically answer research questions that are new, unique, and not examined previously.

The study may be conducted by more than one principal investigator provided all researchers have contributed to the project. The principal investigator must be a regular member, associate member, or student member of CASP at the time the research project is submitted for consideration.

To be considered for the Goodman award, you will need to also submit a three-page summary of your presentation, which includes:

  • Identification of the problem or issue
  • Clearly stated hypothesis, questions, or objectives
  • A preview of related literature
  • Demonstration of appropriate research design
  • Review of research procedures
  • Results of data analysis strategies
  • Conclusion and implications

Papers must follow APA standards. The applicant should include a separate cover letter with the title of the study, name(s) of the author(s), principal author’s address and home or cell phone number. Identifying information other than the running head should not be used anywhere in the paper. A running head should appear on each page in the upper right-hand corner above the page number.

The Goodman Award Committee will read each entry, rank them, and make the final determination of the recipient of the Michael Goodman Memorial Research Award. The winning entry receives the cash award at the Convention.

Application forms

Applications must be received by June 30

Sandra Goff Memorial Award

Now accepting nominations!

CASP annually presents one Sandra Goff Memorial Award to an exemplary school psychologist who serves the profession not just in California, but nationally and beyond. Sandra Goff was CASP’s first Executive Director. The award named in her honor is a Lifetime Achievement Award, for truly longstanding, outstanding service to the profession.

Award Criteria

  1. Exemplary service to the Association, including long-term contributions to school psychology in a variety of settings, and influence extending throughout California and beyond.
  2. All CASP members are eligible for this recognition including practicing psychologists, coordinators, directors, administrators of psychological services, and others. It is in recognition of distinguished service to the profession of school psychology and recognizes exemplary service to the Association, long-term contributions to school psychology in a variety of settings, and efforts that had effects beyond district boundaries, throughout California and the nation.


  • Nominations must be submitted electronically to CASP via the form linked below. Please include at least three (but no more than five) letters of support no more than one page in length. At least one letter must be from an individual knowledgeable of the candidate’s capabilities and one from an individual who works with the candidate in a professional setting.

The results of the selection are kept confidential until the award is announced at the CASP Convention.

Nomination Forms

Nominations must be received by June 30

Nadine Lambert Outstanding School Psychologist Award

Now accepting nominations!

CASP officially recognizes the outstanding work of school psychologists through the Nadine M. Lambert Outstanding School Psychologist award. This award is presented to exemplary school psychologists who are competitively evaluated based on the nomination criteria.

Award Criteria

(Exemplary service in all areas.) Examples include but are not limited to:

  1. Service to the Students
    • Assesses educational and psychological strengths and needs of individuals and groups of children.
    • Assists in the solution of problems through counseling.
    • Works with other specialists in planning and implementing individualized educational programs.
  2. Service to Teachers
    • Helps plan educational programs based upon identified strengths, and needs of individuals or groups of children.
    • Works toward the solution of management problems of students whose learning or adjustment disabilities interfere with classroom activity.
    • Provides information and ideas on the application of psychological research and theory to the classroom activity.
  3. Service to Administrators
    • Facilitates educational planning through research and consultation.
    • Assists with the design, preparation, and evaluation of proposals for educational programs funded by local, state and federal sources.
    • Provides inservice education for teachers and staff.
    • Participates in the development and evaluation of programs and services.
  4. Service to Parents
    • Provides parents with information about the educational and psychological strengths and needs of their children.
    • Explores means by which parents and the school can work together more effectively to assist the child.
    • Expedites referrals to other specialists and agencies when appropriate.
    • Offers parent education programs concerned with child rearing and school-related topics.
  5. Service to Community Agencies
    • Identifies children with special needs beyond the scope of school resources.
    • Provides information and interpretations, which facilitate service to children.
    • Serves as school representative to help others understanding school goals, needs, and operations.
    • Offers specialized educational programs and materials.
  6. Service to the Profession
    • Is a member of CASP.
    • Sees his or her work as a constant search for knowledge about human behavior, and uses such knowledge for the promotion of human welfare.
    • Advances school psychology through the application of psychological knowledge to the problems of the schools with special attention to the interactions of the school system and the child.
    • Governs his or her professional behavior by the Code of Ethics of CASP and NASP.
    • Participates actively in appropriate local, regional, state, and national professional organizations.
    • Is a leader and considered a mentor to other school psychologists.

Nomination Criteria

Nominations for the Nadine M. Lambert Outstanding School Psychologist must be submitted electronically and must include the following:

  • Name, address, and telephone number of nominee
  • Region number and school district in which the nominee works
  • Reasons you or your affiliate believe this person merits this recognition
  • Give specific details for each criterion, emphasizing those factors that make your nominee truly outstanding. Anecdotes are welcomed.
  • A minimum of three recommendation letters written on behalf of your nominee, including letters from other individuals (parents, teachers, or administrators) familiar with the candidate’s work in various settings. At least one letter must be from a school psychologist.
  • Name, address and telephone number of person nominating.
  • Nominators must submit all materials, including letters of recommendation, electronically.

Nomination Forms

Nominations must be received by June 30

CLD Scholarship CSP Foundation

Now accepting applications!

The Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CLD) Scholarship was established to assist in meeting the need for increasing the number of culturally and linguistically diverse school psychologists. It is the intent of the Foundation to promote opportunities for the recruitment of school psychologists responsive to the ethnic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the individual children who are part of the increasingly diverse population of California. The $1,000 scholarship is renewable for two (2 years), or until the student graduates.

Applicants must have progressed to the second year of an accredited school psychology program in the state of California and must be a member of a culturally and linguistically diverse minority group. Scholarship application information will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Evidence of academic competencies from an accredited graduate program
  • Evidence of highly developed oral and written communication skills
  • Evidence of past and current community involvement, responsiveness to, and advocacy for children and families of diverse backgrounds
  • Evidence of motivation, commitment, or passion for working in the public schools as a change agent
  • Evidence of good interpersonal skills, as well as emotional maturity
  • Evidence of knowledge of the demands of the vocation of school psychology, as well as an understanding of the comprehensive nature of psychological services delivery

Applicants may not receive both the Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Scholarship and the Paul Henkin Convention Scholarship in the same year.

Application Forms

Applications must be received by June 30

Paul Henkin Scholarship CSP Foundation

Now accepting applications!

Getting to the annual CASP Convention can be difficult for graduate students and first-year school psychologists.

Former CASP member Paul Henkin had a passion for working with children and helping them achieve their full potential. He believed that new psychologists would be best served by the workshops and other information available at the conferences; thus, the creation of the Paul Henkin Scholarship.

“He had an immense amount of knowledge and he really loved working with kids,” said Vicky Schwartz, who was a colleague of the late Henkin while working for Los Angeles Unified School District in the 1980s. “Even people who didn’t know him personally would see him working with children and could tell that it was his passion.”

The award, up to the amount of $750, is made annually to CASP members; one to a graduate student in school psychology, and one to a newly credentialed school psychologist. It is to be used to attend the annual convention and funds are to be applied toward registration and workshop costs, lodging and transportation.

Scholarship applications are evaluated based on evidence of knowledge of the demands of the vocation of school psychology as well as an understanding of the importance of continuing professional development.

Application Forms

Applications must be received by June 30

CSPF Mini-Grant

Now accepting applications!

The mini-grant program has been developed to provide financial support for projects designed to provide direct benefit to students. Projects must include children as participants and should promote the development of positive assets in children and youth. Funds are not awarded for such things as consultants, salaries, travel expenses or equipment.

The purpose of the mini-grant project is to promote effective interventions that address both learning and social/emotional issues that impede a child’s success and happiness while embracing individual and group differences in children.

The Foundation is most interested in projects directly affecting the lives of children and/or their families. All projects consistent with this purpose will be considered. Projects will be selected by a review committee, according to the merit and compliance with the program’s purpose.

Application Forms

Applications must be received by June 30

Award Winners

Watch the virtual awards ceremony from our 2020 convention, where we honored many excellent school psychologists!

2022 Awardees


Sandra Goff Award

  • Troy Xavier Leonard

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Scholarship

  • Reyna Guzman Martinez

CSPF Mini-Grant

  • Shameeka Lewis
  • Lorena Romero

Paul Henkin Scholarship

  • Lidiya Badalyan

Michael Goodman Award

  • Brianna Meshke McLay

Nadine Lambert Award

  • Crystal Jones
  • Diana Gilbert
  • Emily Bersaglia

A complete list of past award winners can be found here.