Nominations Open for CASP Affiliate Representative

The CASP Affiliate Representative is the link between the CASP Board of Directors and the CASP Affiliates. The term for this position is two years, with the option of running for a second term. The deadline for nominations is May 29; Affiliates will have until June 13 to make their recommendations to the CASP Board. Each affiliate is allowed one vote for this important office.

According to the CASP Bylaws, these are the duties of the Affiliate Representative:
(e) Affiliate Representative. The Affiliate Representative shall act as liaison between the Board and the officers of the Affiliates. The Affiliate Representative shall:
(1) Serve as voting member of the Executive Board.
(2) Represent the Association when attending meetings of Affiliates.
(3) Preside at the annual affiliate Leadership Conference and the affiliate meeting at the annual convention and assign responsibilities as are deemed necessary to conduct the functions of the conference and the Convention meetings. In conjunction with the Executive Director, and with the approval of the President, plan and coordinate the program content and related speakers for both events.
(4) Maintain ongoing communication with Region Representatives to help coordinate activities and provide assistance on projects related to the affiliate groups as a whole.
(5) Serve on committees and task forces as appointed by the President.
(6) Encourage membership in the Association.
(7) Support and develop Affiliate leadership and communicate with the officers of assigned Affiliates on a regular basis.
(8) Encourage committee appointments at the Affiliate level.
(9) Recruit qualified candidates for the CASP Board.
(10)Contribute articles to CASP Today and Affiliate newsletters.
(11)Gather data about the membership, leadership and operations of assigned Affiliates, in consultation with the appropriate Regional Representative.
(12)Help Affiliates build membership.
(13)Coordinate exchange of information, ideas and newsletters among assigned Affiliates.
(14)Support and assist in the granting of awards to the officers and members of assigned Affiliates.
(15)Coordinate an annual survey of Affiliate officers to gather information for potential topics of discussion at affiliate meetings and/or future projects.
(16)Carry out such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the President or the Board.

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