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Team CASP is always working to provide you with more relevant online services, information on issues that affect your job, and more opportunities to fit your day-to-day role as a school psychologist.


Membership Benefits

CASP Website

Make your connection to all things school psychology. As the school psychology website, is more informative, more interactive and more exciting, with a bevy of online workshops, opportunities to register for live workshops, surveys created by those who make a difference in the future of school psychology, publications, updates on legislation and regulations that affect how you do your job, and much more! Check it out on your mobile device.

CASP Today

CASP’s quarterly, online newsletter is the place for association news, messages from CASP leadership, affiliate news and the latest research. CASP Today also provides publishing opportunities for a range of writers; from those who have valuable research to share to those who wish to write about their experiences as school psychologists. A summary of what is online is mailed to all CASP members soon after CASP Today appears online.

Annual Convention, Spring Institute

These continuing education and networking opportunities are highly anticipated by CASP members. The annual convention features nationally known psychology experts who not only update you on school psychology issues but motivate you to take that information and use it in your schools. It also features several social and networking opportunities, trade show and committee meetings. Spring Institute supplements the convention with added opportunities to update your school psychology knowledge. CASP members receive major discounts to these premier events.

Contemporary School Psychology

As a CASP member, you receive free access to the Contemporary School Psychology, an annual online journal devoted to issues in school psychology. Now published four times a year in partnership with Springer Nature, the CSP Journal not only updates members on the latest school psychology research from throughout the nation, but also offers publishing opportunities. 

Legislative and Regulatory Representation

CASP is the only organization that represents you and your professional interests before the state Legislature and various state departments, boards and commissions. Our CASP lobbyists and Legislative Committee constantly monitor proposed legislation and regulations that affect you.

Licensed Educational Psychologists and Nationally Certified School Psychologists

CASP is the one-stop shop for the continuing professional development you need to renew your LEP and your NCSP. CASP offers an online directory for LEPs that school districts and county offices use to find you. It lists your specialties as well as your contact information. Apply for this unique service every January. CASP is the stakeholder that represents LEPs at the legislative and regulatory levels. 

Keeping You Informed

Look for CASP emails to arrive in your inbox. It will give you timely updates on workshops, legislation, association news briefs – a snapshot of what is happening that week in school psychology.

Job Bulletin

The Job Bulletin – free for members only – offers timely information on career opportunities throughout the state and nation. It is often updated with jobs offerings in places you may not have considered. Where might you want to go? See where you may end up. Check it out today!

CASP Webinars

Can’t attend the annual convention or smaller conferences? No problem! CASP offers many workshops from these events online. As a CASP member, you will get major discounts to download and view these workshops and receive CEUs.

Local Connections

There are 16 CASP-chartered affiliate groups in California. These local school psychology organizations offer members a venue to gather and share information and resources with colleagues. Many hold workshops with well-known trainers. CASP provides an annual training and meetings for local officers to help them manage and coordinate affiliate activities.

Learn more about CASP affiliates

Student Representation and Benefits

The Student Leadership Council advises CASP on issues that affect future school psychologists. Student members received major discounts for membership and at the annual convention and Spring Institute. Get involved today!

Learn more about student member benefits

Ask an Expert

Do you have a question about an assessment that can’t be answered through testing? Have an ethical issue at your school? Or do you just need a little guidance? CASP board members are there for you. If you have questions or need to talk out a situation with someone who has probably been there, send your question to and we will find the correct CASP Board member who has expertise in that issue to help you. 

Survey Opportunities

Do you have a research project and need school psychologists to respond to your online survey? CASP can assist you. We will link your online survey to our website for 30 days and ask our members to give you their opinions. CASP members receive this benefit at a discount. 

Learn more about surveys

Liability Insurance

CASP has secured discounted insurance for student interns, LEPs and any other school psychologist in need of such services. American Professional Agency,, offers major discounts for CASP members.

Travel Discounts

Members save big on trips with hotel, car rental, and entertainment discounts from Your Travel Network. Our prices are up to 50% below market rate – your dollars will take you further than booking anywhere else! The best part – friends and family are also eligible.


Would you like to save a day per month or more in report writing time? Evalulogix takes less than an hour to learn and allows you to immediately place high-quality tables and graphs in your reports for any test you use. Enter your standardized scores only, then click to place tables with percentiles and descriptors anywhere you like in your report, including parent friendly graphs for individual tests and cross-battery graphs for CHC, SNP and other classification systems. The time savings is palpable! CASP members save $100 on an annual subscription.

Savings on Degree Programs

Alliant International University is offering CASP members a chance to further their education at a 10% tuition savings when they enroll as a new full-time student in one of Alliant’s programs. Brandman University is offering scholarships of up to $5,600 for its graduate and certificate programs. Just click on the members and login to view more information about these benefits.

Membership Types

CASP caters to school psychologists at every career stage. Whether you’re in your first year of employment or are retired but wanting to stay involved, we’ve got you covered! Not sure which membership type is right for you? Reach out to our Membership and Communications Coordinator, who’d be happy to provide further assistance!

Payroll Deduction

$ 15
Monthly (10 months)
  • Credentialed school psychologists or licensed educational psychologists working in California; school psychology trainers; and school psychologists working as administrators. Payroll deduction (PRD) allows you to split your regular $155 membership into 10 monthly installments through your payroll. 

Regular Member

$ 155 Yearly
  • Credentialed school psychologists or licensed educational psychologists working in California; school psychology trainers; and school psychologists working as administrators.

Student Member

$ 50 Yearly
  • Those enrolled in a full-time training program leading to their initial credential in school psychology.*

1st Year School Psychologist

$ 50 Yearly
  • Those who are in their first year of employment as a school psychologist.

Associate Member

$ 155 Yearly
  • Credentialed school psychologists employed in a state other than California; credentialed school psychologists on a leave of absence; or members of allied professions.

Retired Member

$ 65 Yearly
  • Those who are retired from active employment in schools but want to keep their skills sharp and stay connected to the school psychology community!
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