Nominate now for the 2019-2020 CASP Board of Directors

Nominations are now open for the 2019-2020 Board of Directors. Candidates are needed to fill the offices of president-elect and all the odd-numbered region representatives, which are: Region I, Region III, Region V, Region VII, and Region IX.

Only regular members in good standing may nominate or run for office. When making nominations for CASP office, keep the following guidelines and expectations in mind:

  1. Only members in good standing who have served as (a) a CASP Board of Directors committee chair or specialist, (b) the president of a chartered CASP Affiliate, or (c) a Region Representative are eligible to run for President-Elect.
  2. Any member in good standing can run for Region Representative. However, they must work in the region they represent.
  3. Board member terms begin on July 1, 2019.
  4. The term for President-Elect is a three-year commitment, one year as President-elect, followed by a year as President and another year as Past-president. As President, this individual appoints committee chairs and specialists to the Board of Directors, facilitates the establishment of board policy, and serves as chairperson for all Board meetings. President-Elect is instrumental in planning Spring Institute with the Past President.
  5. The term for Region Representatives is two years, with a four-year term limit. Region Representatives represent CASP members in their geographical region and vote on board policy and other actions. This is the first person a CASP member should contact whenever they have an issue or question for the Board of Directors. It is the Region Representatives’ responsibility to inform members in their region (especially local affiliates) about the actions of the CASP Board of Directors.
  6. All elected Board members are required to participate in five board meetings per year (typically held in August, October or November, January, June, and during the Spring Institute in March). CASP pays only a portion of the expenses for elected board members to attend some of these meetings. Board members are expected to attend the annual convention and spring institute board meetings at their own expense as part of attending the two events. Please consider whether your employer will allow you to take time off for CASP meetings and, in the case of president-elect, additional meetings in Sacramento, the NASP convention, as well as time for teleconferenced meetings before agreeing to run for an elected CASP office.

If you would like to nominate a colleague for CASP office, please first obtain his or her permission then fill out the form. Your nominee will then be asked to complete the nominees form here. Not sure whether your nominee works in your region? Check here.

The nomination deadline is March 6, 2019. Voting instructions will be emailed to all regular CASP members in good standing the first week of March. Voters will have until March 25 to vote online. The election results will be announced online, through emails to members and in the Spring 2019 issue of CASP Today.