School Psychologist Intern (Paid) – Simi Valley, CA

We have 2 paid internship opportunities for the 2020-21 school year. Salary is $113/day up to 192 days. Candidates must have an MA/MS degree and qualify for the PPS School Psychologist Internship Credential.

All completed application packets must include:

The standard district application form
(The application form can be found on our website under Personnel Services > Certificated Employment Opportunities)
Three to five current letters of recommendation
A personal letter of application giving reasons for interest in this position;
A resume including background information, educational experience, achievements and community/professional involvement;
A copy of the appropriate credentials. (Intern candidates should include their university’s Letter of Eligibility).

Application packets can be dropped off in person at the Front Desk at the District Office, or you can send attachments via email to Janice Carnahan, HR Planning & Recruitment at