School Psychologist – Oakland

JOB SUMMARY: Supervised and evaluated by the Director of School-Based Services, conducts
psycho-educational assessments for referred students, provides consultative services to promote
student learning and development, provides counseling services to students and collaborates with
SPG colleagues on matters pertaining to school-based psychological services.

Duties and Responsibilities
· Conduct psycho-educational assessments for referred students in accordance with California
Department of Education and Federal guidelines.
· Prepare comprehensive, legally defensible written reports of assessment findings with
diagnoses and specific recommendations, in accordance with State and Federal guidelines.
· Certify pupils’ eligibility for placement in special education services, programs or classes in
accordance with their individual physical, mental and emotional needs.
· Participate in Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings, following due process timelines.
· Provide consultative support to administrators, parents, students, school-based personnel and
SPG staff on matters pertaining to special education procedures and guidelines, mental health
issues, child development, student behavior, learning problems and relevant intervention strategies
and recommendations.
· Provide counseling services to students, as needed.
· Assume responsibility for implementation of school district policies, California Department of
Education Code and Code of Regulations, and Federal regulations related to psychological
· Attend district and SPG meetings and required workshops.
· Pursue professional growth through conferences, workshops, and coursework.
· Perform related duties as assigned.

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