School Psychologist – Sonora

Under the direction of the Director of Special Education, provides psychoeducational diagnostic
assessment for referred students (0-22); consults with parents, teachers and administrators
regarding students with learning or adjustment problems; counsels students and families in
crisis, develops short- term and behavioral interventions; and assists in coordination of
placement meetings and annual reviews.
1. Assists teachers in developing behavioral management systems, educational
objectives, needs statements and written instructional plans.
2. Provides inservice and support services to classroom teachers, resource specialists
and other educational professionals.
3. Consults with appropriate special education support agencies.
4. Provides short-term counseling services to students and families in groups or as individuals.
5. Provides crisis intervention counseling as required or requested.
6. Provides pupil guidance services as identified in IEP.
7. Offers preventive mental health services such as classroom values presentations, stress
8. Provides a written psychoeducational case study and evaluation as needed by the IEP, EAS
and/or other professionals which include: summary of the assessment of the cognitive,
affective and sensorimotor areas.
9. Participates in parent/teacher conferences as needed.
10. Assists in the formulation of Special Education policies and procedures and provides
services as a member of the IEP Team and/or the Educational Assessment Service.
11. Provides ongoing re-evaluation of students as per legal mandates.
 child development
 learning theory
 instructional materials and techniques
 assessment instruments and procedures
 multicultural factors
 relate to parents, students and staff in a positive mode
 develop instructional alternatives
 identify learning problems
 measure strengths and deficits relating to a child’s learning difficulties
 Must possess a Pupil Personnel Services Credential with authorization in School Psychology
 Possession of a valid California driver’s license
 An employment entrance exam will be required of the candidates selected
 Preschool experience desirable

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