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Talking with Students About Shocking or Disturbing News

In our 24/7 breaking news world, there seems to be a new crisis every day. As news outlets compete for clicks, all of us — including kids — are immersed in more headlines than ever before. Unless you teach current events or social studies, most of the day’s news probably

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Child Mind Institute – Going Back to School After a Tragedy

When tragedy strikes a school community — whether it’s a death at your child’s school or a loss of life so horrific that it affects us all, like the shootings at Newtown, Connecticut — the prospect of sending kids back to school can be daunting. But it’s an important milestone, because it

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Crisis response team

Safe Schools (California Department of Education)

Child Abuse Prevention Training and ResourcesInformation on training and reporting requirements for mandated reporters, training guides and model practices for parents, families, and administrators, and technical assistance to promote child well-being and protection from abuse. Crisis PreparednessProvides training, resources and technical assistance in preparedness for, immediate response to, and mitigation

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How to Talk to Kids About School Shootings

“School shootings” are two words no parent ever wants to hear in the same sentence. But news of these tragic events is now so familiar, the topic is unavoidable. Unlike other conversations you have with your kids about scary stuff in the news, talks about school shootings are much more

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Coping in the Aftermath of a Shooting

Over the course of the last few weeks, reports of mass violence and shootings have plagued the news. Although people are resilient and often bounce back after difficult times, these events nearly always interrupt our sense of order and safety. The impact often extends to individuals who live far outside

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SDCOE Resources to Discuss School Shootings

Our students want and need to talk about what they see, remember, and are feeling following a school shooting. The adults in their lives can provide guidance and support to help youth navigate their own emotions and trauma in a healthy, safe, and productive way. Adults also need to be

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Mother and child using social media

Social Media and School Crises: Brief Facts and Tips

Social media defined. The U.S. Department of Education (2012) defines social media as “Forms of communication either Internet or text-based that support social interactions of individuals” (p. 5).Nearly all youth and a majority of adults use social media. Social media increases communication speed. Historically, it was sometimes possible for educators,

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National Center on Safe Supporting Learning Environments

The National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments is funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Supportive Schools. The Center offers information and technical assistance to states, districts, schools, institutions of higher learning, and communities focused on improving school climate and conditions for learning. We believe

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