Want school psychologists to take your online survey?

CASP will send the link to your survey to our members in one of our weekly email blasts. The blast will ask CASP members to click on the link and take the survey. The survey link will also be posted for one month (or less time, at your request) in a special survey section of the CASP web site, giving school psychologists another place to access your survey.

All for only $75 for CASP members; $150 for non members.

CASP reserves the right to review the survey before the link is emailed to CASP members or posted on the CASP web site. If CASP administrators find the survey to be inappropriate for CASP members, the link to the survey will not be posted or emailed to members. Email blasts are generally sent every Tuesday. Note: CASP cannot guarantee that its members will take any particular survey; participation is at the discretion of each CASP member.

In addition to listing surveys with CASP, you can also advertise a position on the CASP job placement bulletin – free!
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