COVID-19 Chronic & Acute Stress Symptoms (CASS) Screener

This survey evaluates chronic and acute stress response to COVID-19 in students ages 11 years and older and adults, and looks at it from variable perspectives (gender, ethnicity, adverse experiences, age, etc). This survey is being used to norm a universal screening measure that is applicable to today’s student and school staff experience. With universal screeners normed pre-COVID-19, we risk over-identifying students with social-emotional duress and atypicality. The CASS survey would offer universal screening with the intent to identify stress response, severity and in-home recommendations to target elevated stress response in students and education staff. This is a globally proactive approach to intervention and universal screening. The COVID-19 CASS Screener would be made available at low cost to schools this fall.

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School Psychologist: Mental Health Experts?

You are invited to participate in a research study in hopes to gain information on school psychologists perceived level of mental health training and preparedness upon graduating from their school psychology program to provide mental health services to the special education population as mandated by the mental health Assembly Bill 114 (AB 114). Your are being asked to answer an online 14 question survey that will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. I thank you in advance for your participation; you support is very much appreciated.

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