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Depressed Student and Psychologist

Honesty and Reassurance: How to Talk to Kids About Ukraine

NEW YORK — The pandemic, mass shootings, natural disasters, terror attacks. There’s been plenty of tragedy and anxiety for parents to sort through with their kids. Add Russia’s escalating invasion of Ukraine to the list.With events rapidly unfolding on TV and across social media, child development experts urge parents to

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Student Teenager

How to Talk to Kids and Teens About the Crisis in Ukraine

As the adults of the world watch Russia invade Ukraine, unleashing what many fear will be the biggest war in Europe since 1945 and potentially affecting global fuel, food, and metals prices (among the obvious other impacts of war), our kids may be absorbing not just our words, but also

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Crisis response team

Culturally Competent Crisis Response

School psychologists are increasingly involved in providing crisis response within multicultural communities. Those who are committed to enhancing their skills in cultural competency are more likely to be effective caregivers when challenging situations arise. For example, reports from a 1989 Stockton, California schoolyard shooting in a predominantly Southeast Asian community

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Student with Teacher

Promoting Compassion and Acceptance in Crisis

A natural reaction to acts of extreme violence, like school shootings, rioting, and terrorist attacks, is the desire to lash out and punish the perpetrators or perceived enemy. People who are angry or frightened often feel the ability to “fight back” puts them more in control or that it will

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