Connection is Key

1.5 hours running time

As a school psychologist, I have learned that one of the most important tools I have is making connections and connecting people with each other. I have been a school psychologist for 14 years and in those years, the connections I have made in various school districts and with people from all professions, have helped me do my job on a daily basis. Whether it’s a question about ELL assessment or language acquisition, or emotional support animals, or just needing a template for a specific assessment I have not yet given, I reach out and get the information I need. This has helped me as the membership co-chair of CASP and in my other positions on the CASP board. In this presentation, I will share my experiences with building relationships, having courageous conversations, and membership in professional organizations, as well as some valuable networking tips. The support system of other school psychologists and colleagues can significantly contribute to being a highly competent school psychologist and career longevity.


Sarah Rodriguez is the Lead School Psychologist for the Santa Ynez Valley Special Education Consortium and Membership Co-Chair for CASP. She has previously worked for districts in San Jose, Oxnard, and Arvin, CA. She has served on the CASP board as a Region Representative and as Affiliate Representative and has always been involved with affiliates in the counties she has worked.



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