Effective use of Technology for School Psychology Practices: Demystifying Google Drive

This webinar will be held November 12, 2021 9:00AM-12:00PM. No CEU/CPD are available.

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. The pandemic forced individuals to use more web based services, leaving many overwhelmed in needing to learn new technology. The amount of technology information available can be overwhelming. Given that many staff have moved on to more web based communication, school psychologists need to stay informed on how to utilize web based services to create efficiency in everyday practice. Past practices included sending out paper forms to collect student information. The goal of this workshop is to inform and educate how to use programs specific to case management, data collection, collaboration with team members digitally. The session will review how to utilize google drive services including: docs, sheets, slides, and forms to communicate with staff and collect data. 

The workshop will also review how to organize your emails in folders and create automated filters. Learn how to create templates and save time in writing emails. Creating and organizing form to gather feedback for students from teachers and parents. The session will allow for questions related to any of the new services currently in use.

In doing, so the session will address multiple NASP domains of Practice including: Domain 1: Data-Based Decision Making and Accountability, Domain 2: Consultation and Collaboration, and Domain 5: School-Wide Practices to Promote Learning


Participants will learn how to stay digitally organized. Including organizing emails, cases, data collection, and report writing. The workshop will focus on utilizing google drive programs (Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms) but can easily be transferred to Microsoft office software (word, excel, and powerpoint). Provide resources in order to stay up to date on digital organization. 

Skills to be taught 


  • Learning how to create or organize emails with folders.
  • Creating rules to automatically sort emails from specific people or schools. 
  • Creating email templates: including getting input from teachers/staff or background information from parents/guardians.
  • Learn how to schedule sending emails at a later time (reminders to send out APs)
  • Creating tasks based on emails and sending them to your calendar

Google Drive

  • Google Drive: how to create folders and share information. 
    • Create resource folders to share with colleges. 


  • Create agenda templates and share with IEP team
  • Create a Notes template for IEPs that are automatically saved. Can transfer to SEIS (or other system later). 
    • Collaborate with IEP team members to create the notes


  • Using google sheets to create caseload organizations. Share the spreadsheet with special ed staff in order to keep track of progress. 
  • Collect data using google sheets. Automatically, calculate percentages of on-task behavior. 
    • Class observations, benchmark data
  • Participants will be given resources to learn how to use formulas in google sheets. 


  • How to create google forms to collect information from parents and teachers. 
  • The data collected is automatically sorted into a sheet. Learn how to create a one page document using add-ons to get all the information for one student on one sheet. 
  • Teacher Questionnaires
  • Parent questionnaires
  • Track parent/staff communication logs
  • How to make spreadsheets from questionnaires and then turn them into documents. 


  • Create your virtual office
  • Create slides to review tasks and goals with students. 
    • Present group skills (social, emotional regulation, grief)


    • Setting up a calendar and sharing with others. 
    • Adding guests to calendar invites
    • Creating an IEP calendar to share with Case managers and admin (everyone will know when all meetings are scheduled)

Report Writing and IEP meetings

  • How to have one report template and use Replace to keep track of correct name and pronouns. 
    • NAME, He/She, he/she, His/Her, his/her, 
  • How to save word documents to PDF so your work is not changed. 
  • Using visuals based on spreadsheets. 


Leticia Zadrozny Zelaya holds a M.A. in Educational and Counseling Psychology and Ed.S. in School Psychology from the University of the Pacific. Additionally, Mrs Zadrozny-Zelaya has been a school psychologist for over 10 years and is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. Mrs Zadrozny-Zelaya also works in private practice as a Licensed Educational Psychologist. Mrs Zadrozny-Zelaya specializes in bilingual assessments, utilizing technology to improve learner outcomes, and organizational strategies for school psychologists.
Mrs. Zadrozny-Zelaya is the president of the Bay Area Association of School Psychologists and serves as a board member of the California Association of School Psychologists. She is a member of the Northern California Bilingual Roundtable and served as a technical advisor for the CDE presentation “Hispanic/Latinx Students and Significant Disproportionality” presentation in spring of 2020.



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