Executive Functions Assessment and Intervention

3 hours running time

Executive functions include self-regulation skills, self-realization, and self-determination. Well-developed executive functions play an essential role in academic learning and performance, as well as in social and intrapersonal functioning. This workshop proposes an in-depth, neuropsychological approach to executive functions assessment that goes beyond simple rating scales. The presentation includes a review of the new McCloskey Executive Functions Scale (MEFS). The workshop also includes details on evidence-based interventions that address specific executive weaknesses.

Milton Dehn, Ed.D., is an author, speaker, and publisher on the subjects of cognitive assessment, PSW, SLD identification, dyslexia, and children’s memory problems. He is the author of Essentials of Processing Assessment, Essentials of Working Memory Assessment and Intervention, Helping Students Remember, and Long-Term Memory Problems in Children and Adolescents





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