Foundational Knowledge for Achieving Equitable Outcomes

During this session, participants will discuss how privilege, implicit bias, intersectionality, and inclusion (inclusive practices) are related to social justice in schools and school systems.  Specific attention will be given to disparities in achievement (e.g., disability and gifted identification) and discipline (i.e., suspension and expulsion) as a function of inequitable access, opportunity, and other factors (e.g., ineffective practice and policy). A framework for embedding socially just practices and principles into school-based service delivery will be offered to help educators achieve equitable outcomes for all students and families.

Charles A. Barrett, PhD, NCSP is a Coordinator for Diagnostic and Psychological Services with Loudoun County Public Schools. Additionally, he is an adjunct lecturer at Northern Virginia Community College, the Graduate School of Education at Howard University, the College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University, and the Department of Psychology at Millersville University. An award-winning educator for his commitment to students, families, schools, and communities, Charles has held various leadership positions with the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and frequently speaks to a variety of professional and lay audiences about promoting positive outcomes for children. To learn more about Charles, including his books on a variety of topics that are relevant to educators and communicate hope and wholeness, visit



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