How to Quickly and Easily Find and Tailor Intervention and Resources for Students with Learning Difficulties Based on Assessment Results

5 hours running time

To facilitate the assessment-intervention connection, the Intervention Library: Finding Interventions and Resources for Students and Teachers (IL:FIRST) is introduced. Tailoring interventions by type (e.g., instructional, remedial, skill building, compensatory), grade (e.g., elementary, HS), and delivery method (e.g., small group, individual) based on assessment results is demonstrated. Participants learn how to use the library to select and tailor interventions for better student outcomes.


Dawn Flanagan, PhD, is a Professor of Psychology at St. John’s University and Affiliate Clinical Professor at Yale Child Study Center. She is a widely published author and co-developer of the Cross-Battery Assessment approach and corresponding software system (X-BASS). Her most recent books are on topics related to cognitive assessment, SLD identification, and educational interventions.





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