Reflection, Recovery, and Rejuvenation after COVID-19

75 minutes running time

This webinar is not eligible for CEUs.

Who would have thought a year ago that we would face an international pandemic that changed the face of education as we knew it?  As we enter the final stretches of this school year, we must ask, how do we support healthy functioning for ourselves and the families we serve?  We are faced with a crucial time to reflect, recover, and rejuvenate from the events of the last year.  Social and emotional supports are in great need as more schools shift in their service delivery model and we closely evaluate the needs of the families we serve. As many students, parents, and staff lack the skills to deal with the magnitude of changes we have faced; mindfulness and other practices are an excellent way to support building of these essential skills to help people thrive.  These skills can be taught efficiently and effectively to support healthy life-long functioning.  This presentation is designed to reflect on the events of the last year, while giving an overview of various types of mind-body practices with practical applications for use in the schools.

Kristin Makena, PhD(c), LEP, NCSP, is a special education administrator and former senior school psychologist for the San Diego Unified School District. Over the last decade her work has focused on mental health issues, crisis and trauma response and social-emotional wellbeing. Makena is a PhD candidate at Saybrook University where she is studying Integrated Mental Health. She is the CASP Ethics Specialist, past NASP Delegate and a recipient of CASP’s Nadine Lambert Outstanding School Psychologist Award.



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