Social Justice and Anti-Systemic Racism Practices

2 hours running time

Racial and Ethnic Disparities continue to be an area of deep concern for California. Poor children and children from minority groups are less likely to be identified as gifted and talented, and more likely to be identified as requiring special education services. They are also more likely to attend schools with a greater police presence, increasing the odds that they will enter the criminal justice system. School psychologists have an ethical responsibility to end systemic racism and to promote antiracist policies and practices. This segment will present methodology for providing services to students, while addressing cultural biases that negatively impact outcomes for youth.

Gina Gordon-Lopez, MA, LEP, is a School Psychologist for Bakersfield City School District and owner of Social Stamina Behavior Consult Services. Mrs. Lopez earned her Master of Arts in School Psychology from Fresno Pacific University and her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Howard University. Mrs. Lopez is currently pursuing her Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University.


Seble Gebremedhin, MS, MA, LEP, has been a school psychologist for 24 years. She currently works as a school Psychologist in Los Angeles Unified School District. Seble currently serves the Awards Chair and is member of the Social Justice and Professional Learning Committee. She previously served as the CASP Secretary/Treasurer and Region IV Representative. She was the recipient of the CASP Region IV Outstanding School Psychologist Award.



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