The Hidden World of Medi-Cal Billing…A Whole New Set of Acronyms

1 hour running time

Ever wonder what happens to the time survey or service logs your supervisor has asked you complete? This mini-skills presentation will provide participants an overview of the billing programs and how school districts utilize these programs to increase funding from federal Medicaid funds. Participants will also be provided with recent changes to the billing programs through the State Plant Amendment 15-021. School psychologists will also be provided with information related to the provision of telehealth services and how to begin the conversation with your supervisors regarding the billing and allocation of these funds to enhance your practice.


Laura Wasco, Legislative Director and Advocate, Ball/Frost Group LLC. Throughout her career, Laura has always been involved in education. She was part of the grassroots campaign to pass Propositions 71 and 98. She was a partner in a consultancy firm where she specialized in K-12 policy issues and through the years has gained expertise in the budget process, teacher credentialing, school facilities, career technical education, mental health services and special education. She is also skilled at looking at a legislative issue from both the public and policy standpoints and then foreseeing how it will be implemented at the local level. A valuable talent when she works closely with the California Department of Education, the State Board of Education, the Department of Health Care Services, and the Department of Finance. She’s also expert at monitoring and lobbying the legislature, including testifying on bills, negotiating amendments on bills and working with other organizations on issues of common interest.





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