The Queen’s Gambit: Advocacy Strategies to Make Your Voice Heard

1.5 hours running time

With a clear need for expanded and enhanced mental health services for students, California state policymakers are looking to schools as places to serve students and communities. School psychologists have long been school-based mental health providers. Yet what, exactly, they do beyond their role in special education assessors is not well known by school administrators and public policy makers. This workshop will focus on how school psychologists can advocate at the state level and local school site level to build programs to promote school climate, mental health and wellness interventions and multi-tiered system of support.

  • Participants will gain an advocacy perspective to their profession.
  • Participants will be updated on CASP’s advocacy efforts.
  • Participants will be offered advocacy strategies as a vehicle to influence state public policy.
  • Participants will be provided an advocacy strategy for resource allocation decisions via LCAP/LCFF funding at the site level.


Tom Sopp is a school psychologist with the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) assigned to the Family Resource Center (FRC). Tom supports school sites by assessing the site’s tiered supports, consulting with staff on adding prevention/intervention services, providing individual and group counseling services to students, modeling classroom social/emotional lessons for teachers, providing parent training, and leading professional development for school staff. In addition, he is co-chair of the Mental Wellness committee for the California Association of School Psychologists (CASP). Lastly, he is a CASP past president.


Laura Wasco, Legislative Director, Ball/Frost Group LLC


Reynaldo Vargas, Bilingual Psychologist & Billing Programs Coordinator



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