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Guidelines for Evaluating School Psychologists

The job of a school psychologist is not like that of a teacher, school counselor or administrator. However, they are often evaluated during performance reviews as if they are. This publication was developed to give administrators guidelines on how best to evaluate the job performance of your school psychologists.

Save these downloadable documents to your computer and use them (or change them) for evaluating the job performance and self-evaluation of school psychologists. The page numbers correspond with the pages in the .pdf document above.

Regarding African American Student Achievement and Success

Dyslexia Resources and Position Statement

Resources for Natural Disasters

Contemporary School Psychology

Contemporary School Psychology (CSP) publishes original research papers and review articles that address leading-edge issues in school psychology and connect theory and research to practice. The journal seeks to highlight the diversity of viewpoints across the profession as well as those of the students, parents, and communities served by school psychologists across the United States and rest of world. The Editorial Board is committed to providing supportive, timely feedback that further strengthens the work of authors.

  • Michael Hass, Ph.D., Editor
  • Kelly Kennedy, Ph.D. Associate Editor
  • Brian Leung, Ph.D., Associate Editor
  • Stephanie Domzalski-Gordon, M.A., Assistant to the Editor
How to submit articles:
To submit articles to the CSP Journal, please contact Michael Hass, Ph.D.

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