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The Role of the School Psychologist

Utilizing their extensive training in both psychology and education, school psychologists guide children in overcoming barriers by ensuring that they have access to a safe and healthy learning environment. For a glimpse into the typical day-to-day role of a school psychologist and the services they provide to students, families, and schools, check this out.

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The Role of a Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP)

Often working directly with schools and families, Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEPs) provide insights into how students learn best, potential obstacles they face, and which resources will maximize their social, emotional, and academic potential. Typical responsibilities of an LEP include:
  • Providing educationally relevant screenings and assessments
  • Performing Independent Education Evaluations (IEEs)
  • Educating families and schools on a child’s strengths and needs, and recommending further supports based on said needs to maximize social, emotional, and mental capabilities
  • Offering strategies for navigating Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings
  • … and MORE!

LEP Directory

LEP Directory

In need of a private assessment? To find an LEP near you, check out the California Association of School Psychologist’s.

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