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March 19, 2024 Board Meeting Summary

By Mike Giambona, CASP Secretary/Treasurer

The CASP board convened in person on March 19th. The board approved the candidates running for the CASP Executive Board and even numbered Region Representatives. Voting is currently open. Please be sure to vote!

The virtual Spring Institute is still available for registration. Sign up now and you will have access to all the available trainings until July 5th. CASP will be hosting the 2nd annual Summer Experience in Santa Cruz from July 16th – July 19th. Come earn CEUs while strengthening your counseling skills, ERMHS assessments, and/or get PREPaRE trained. The new issue of Contemporary School Psychology is out and free for CASP members. This special issue examines the impact of COVID-19 through the lens of students, parents, and school staff.

The CASP board discussed an approved the steps in hiring a new full time Executive Director of CASP. Jeannine Topalian was approved as the committee chair for the search committee. The search committee will evaluate and filter applicants to the hiring committee. The board then approved the hiring committee that will consist of Melissa Wood, Chris Jones, Stephen Brock, Katie Peterson, and Mike Giambona. The hiring committee will evaluate the candidates, present them to the full board for feedback, and then select the final candidate.

A number of affiliates are offering end of the year training opportunities with discounts for other affiliate members. Please check your emails for updates on CASP couch chats, professional development opportunities, or visit for additional information. Finally, if you would like to become more involved with CASP through committees or volunteer work please let me know!

Region Updates

Region I
By Leslye Charlesworth, Ed.S., Region I Representative
As we enter Spring, SCASP (Sonoma County Association of School Psychologists)/Region I is excited to share upcoming training opportunities–CASP affiliate members get a discount for all SCASP trainings ( We hope you can join us!:

April 16, 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. (Virtual): Practical AI Integration in School Psychology: Applications, Ethics, and Benefits with Dr. Byron McClure

August 16th, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. (Virtual): Organization for School Psychologists with Leticia Zadrozny-Zelaya, MA, ED.S, NCSP, LEP

September 6, 6-hour presentation (Sonoma County Office of Education, time TBD): Assessing Multilingual Learners with Dr. Samuel Ortiz.

Region II
By Emily Bersaglia, Region II Representative

Things in Region II are chugging along as we all hurtle toward spring break and the end of the year. Don’t forget to nominate a colleague for an award recognizing their amazing work or send in the names of those who are retiring. SCCASP is looking forward to celebrating with everyone in May!

Region III
By Connie-Marie King, Region III Representative
Region III currently has two active affiliates: KASP (The Kern Association of School Psychologists) and CVA-CASP (The Central Valley Association of School Psychologists). KASP and CVA-CASP have already had a number of training sessions so far this year; please make sure to check their social media and websites for any new opportunities to socialize and network. KASP has two remaining events for the school year; the first will be a Behavior Strategies and Interventions training on April 19, 2024, and a Membership Drive on May 16, 2024. Please check out affiliate websites for more opportunities in professional development, social events, and networking opportunities. If you have any questions, please reach out to your affiliate presidents. KASP is currently being led by President Connie-Marie King, and President Ashley Trippel is currently leading CVA-CASP.

Instagram: @Kernasp.
Facebook: Kern Association of School Psychologists Website:

Region V
By Ashley Schwenn, Region V Representative

Region V serves the needs of the Foothills Association of School Psychologists (FASP), Greater Long Beach Association of School Psychologists (GLBASP), and the South Bay Association of School Psychologists (SBASP). The executive boards of GLBASP and SBASP most commonly meet via Zoom either during or after the work day. SBASP is working to advertise their board meetings as “socials” in an attempt to garner additional participation from members. All Region V affiliates continue to use social media and email blasts to communicate with membership on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. At this time, all three organizations are in the process of seeking new affiliate members via social media and word of mouth and strategic outreach of executive board members. They are also working to increase the number of joint affiliate and CASP membership numbers. GLBASP currently has 25-30 members. SBASP has 13 members. GLBASP held a PD session on 1/19/2024 on how to write legally defensible reports, and SBASP held a PD session on AI and its use within the field of school psychology on 1/25/2024. Feedback from the SBASP AI presentation was resoundingly positive and attendees felt they increased their knowledge about AI and indicated a very high likelihood of integrating AI into their current practice. SBASP is currently working to put together a follow-up series of free virtual “coffee chats” showcasing local school psychologists and private practitioners who have already implemented AI into their current practice. The most popular PD topics of interest include assessing English Language Learners and students with specific learning disabilities, social justice and culturally responsive practices, providing mental health services to address challenging behaviors post-COVID, report writing and results sharing and how to become an LEP. There is also interest in connecting with local testing companies to provide assessment-focused PD to members. The Region V Representative has started attending affiliate meetings to encourage greater communication and resource sharing within the region. If you or a colleague are looking to join and/or seeking leadership opportunities within the FASP, GLBASP or SBASP affiliate, please contact Ashley Schwenn who can link you with the leaders of these affiliates!

Region VII
By Dorothy Guinter, Region VII Representative

SANDCASP is thrilled to announce that our membership has reached an impressive 220 individuals! A heartfelt thank you goes out to each and every one of you who continues to support SANDCASP.

Mark your calendars for April 18th, as SANDCASP will be hosting its annual virtual job fair. Whether you’re a student seeking an internship or practicum opportunity, or a seasoned school psychologist looking for new opportunities, this event is not to be

missed. Numerous school districts from San Diego County will be present, ready to offer employment opportunities!

Additionally, SANDCASP will be holding its final workshop of the season on May 17th, focusing on Dyslexia. This workshop will feature both morning and afternoon sessions, with Nancy Mather leading the morning session, and exciting speakers to be announced for the afternoon.

Don’t forget to nominate an outstanding school psychologist for the prestigious Outstanding School Psychologist Award and the Ross Zatlin Mentorship Award. The winners will be honored at our End of the Year Event on June 6, 2024. Save the date, as you won’t want to miss this celebration!

Region VIII
By Ivan Alvarez, Region VIII Representative
Update from Dr. Ivan Alvarez, Region VIII Representative:

I recently attended CASP Legislative Days on 3/18-3/19/2024 along with affiliate/CASP leadership members. We scheduled legislative appointments with the staff of our local elected representatives, including State Senator Monique Limon, Assemblymember Gregg Hart, 37th District and Assemblymember Steve Bennett, 38th District. VCASP representatives that attended the appointments included Katie Rose Lyons, Gabriela Dena, Dasa Jendrusakova, Sarah Rodriguez, CASP Co-Chair of Professional Learning and I. During the Legislative Days process we had an opportunity to discuss the role of the school psychologist, LEP, current challenges/areas of need for students and how we can serve as an educational resource for our local elected representatives. We also had an opportunity to discuss and request their support for local bills. We advocated for adequate funding for K-12 education, special education, and ensuring that all students have access to adequate psychological, social-emotional and mental health services in school. Thanks to everyone that was able to join us during the process. Special thanks to Michelle Custer, Chair of Legislative and Advocacy, Melissa Wood, CASP President, Dr. Kristin Makena, Interim CASP Executive Director, Kathy Little and Kendell Bare for the work on Legislative Days. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding Legislative Days or an update you would like to share with me at Have a restful Spring break!

Update from Malia Mondragon, President of Central Coast Association of School Psychologists (CCASP):

CCASP is excited to announce its Spring Symposium event on May 10, 2024 featuring Amy Merenda, LEP, and TechWise SB. TechWise SB’s mission is to support Santa Barbara children in establishing healthy relationships with screen-based technology. Amy Merenda’s goal is to leave school psychologists and other professionals with an understanding of how to apply a neurodiversity affirming lens throughout the entire assessment process.

CCASP would like to thank its members and encourage anyone interested in being involved or joining CCASP to reach out to

Update from Dr. Amy Smith, current president of the Ventura County Association of School Psychologists (VCASP):

VCASP was able to offer a couple really interesting and timely workshops in the fall on Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome as it relates to Other Health Impairment eligibility. VCASP currently has over 100 members including student members from local universities. Upcoming events include:

April 26th 2024 – Identification of Dyslexia in Multilingual Students

May 31st 2024 – Legal Update – Addressing Severe Behavior Issues with Students with Disabilities

October 25th 2024 – Overview of the Test of Dyslexia (TOD)

VCASP would like to thank their members for their continued support. There is always room for new board members. If you are interested in becoming more involved please contact us at Also, please visit our website for more information –

Region X
By Amy Merenda, Region X Representative

Spring has sprung in Region X!

The Delta Area Association of School Psychologist (DAASP) is working hard on growing to support the school psychologists in the following districts: Stockton Unified, Lodi Unified, Lammersville Elementary, Manteca Unified, Lincoln Unified, Ripon Unified, Linden Unified, Tracy Unified, Escalon Unified, and the San Joaquin County Office of Education. If you are in any of the aforementioned districts please be sure to check out DAASP. DAASP is focusing on growing as an affiliate and would love your support in doing so!

The Elk Grove Regional Association of School Psychologists (EGRASP) is working on preparing for a great 24-25 school year and is focusing on their Spring mixer in May. If you are in the Elk Grove area, be sure to check out EGRASP.

The North Eastern California Association of School Psychologists (NECASP) is continuing to grow as fast as spring flowers! They just held a training with Jenny Ponzuric on Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia. In April they will be hosting their Bimonthly Case Consult and Hot Topic on Executive Functioning. For more information about their events and how to join NECASP, click here.

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