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We are facing a new reality where California school and educational psychologists are even more of a critical resource, even as you consider how to provide high-quality services during the pandemic. CASP is committed to helping our members throughout this crisis. We have gathred a wide array of resources regarding the virus, actions schools are taking, and how psychologists and others can help students. We will continue updating the posted resources as they become available. To share resources, please send an email to

Back to School

Schools are finally reopening. Though there is much excitement from students, families, and teachers about returning to campus, there is also much apprehension and uncertainty. Questions about managing academic slides, safety, resolving educational inequities, and even the ongoing social, political divide weigh on everyone trying to adjust to the new normal…including the schooling experience.

Experts have all agreed attending to the mental health of everyone during reopening is crucial and is the best approach to support teaching and learning. There are a myriad of resources and advice regarding effective strategies to support students, teachers, and families. This collection of ideas, presented in infographics, aims to add to the tools to support you as site administrators in your planning before and during reopening. We hope you will find a few useful ideas for you and your school teams to build upon to smooth out your school reopening.

Contributors to these infographics:
Brian Leung, PhD., professor, LMU school psychology program
Maria Huerta, Mental Health Liaison/LEP, WACSEP; Adjunct Professor/APU
Eric Culqui,
Vira Ciro-Michel, M.S., school psychologist, LEP, BCBA WACSEP
Tom Sopp, school psychologist, Long Beach USD
Michael Hass PhD, professor, Chapman school psychology program
Doug Siembieda, executive director Special Education, Huntington Beach Union HSD


Resources for Students

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