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LEP CE Information and Renewal Brochure

In 2012, the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards presented a new model of Continuing Education – Continuing Professional Development (CPD). That same year, the Legislature asked the Board to discuss with the business and professions committees of efforts to date to address continuing competency and what it expects to accomplish in the near future regarding this issue. The Board’s response to this was that it was working to replace the single requirement of traditional continuing education courses with a more robust continued competency model. In 2015, the Board noticed a regulatory change that established the framework for CPD, but later withdrew the proposed regulatory package to make substantive modifications based on licensee concerns. The Sunset Extension Bill in 2017 established the four different categories of learning activities that met the requirements for CPD. In June of 2017, the Board approved regulatory language for Notice. Board staff drafted the regulatory package and submitted it to DCA to start the initial review phase. The CPD regulatory package has been approved and the new professional development options become available January 1, 2023.

CPD is a broader concept, referring to the continuing development of the multi-faceted abilities needed for quality professional performance in one’s area of practice. This model consists of 15 continuing professional development activities grouped under four different categories. This change does not affect the required 36 hours required for renewal.

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