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CASP Endorses in Superintendent’s Race

After considering the two candidates’ statements in terms of understanding of school psychology, the CASP Political Action Committee has endorsed Tony Thurmond as the most qualified candidate to serve as the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

State Assemblymember Thurmond has worked in public education and in local communities for disadvantaged students, supports equity in school funding to give all kids the chance to go to college and has pledged to work toward expanding early childhood education programs, school-based health, mental health, and social service programs.

He has introduced legislation that will provide schools with resources for in-school physical, social, and emotional services for students. He understands that students can face barriers to academic success, such as peer pressure, bullying, difficult to manage family situations, substance abuse, and mental health needs.
Thurmond has knowledge of research that indicates that counseling and pupil support services play a critical role in the academic preparation and social development of youth. These services help to systematically identify and address barriers to learning and help students re-engage with the learning process. Further, he knows that onsite provision of health services has been shown to increase student health and wellness as students with health concerns disproportionately have trouble accessing medical care.

CASP believes that as a social worker, Assemblymember Thurmond has a special understanding of the student population most in need of school psychology services. Therefore, CASP encourages its members to vote for Tony Thurmond on Nov. 6 for California Superintendent of Public Instruction.


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California Schools as Sanctuaries

The Trump Administration had announced crackdowns on immigrants living in this country illegally and California schools are seeing a recent increase in the number of families, or parents only, disappearing from schools. This CASP Resource/Position paper was developed in response to the federal administration’s travel ban, but is relevant to the recent deportations. It includes a list of resources, as well as how to speak with your students about the situation. California State Attorney General’s Office recently released Promoting a Safe and Secure Learning Environment for All: Guidance and Model Policies to Assist California’s K-12 Schools in Responding to Immigration Issues. Specifically, the guide (1) outlines relevant state and federal protections for students and families, (2) provides policy recommendations that comply with state and federal laws and that may mitigate disruptions from immigration-enforcement actions at public schools, and (3) lists model policies that were to be adopted (or have equivalent policies adopted) by local educational agencies by July 1, 2018. School psychologists should become familiar with their school district’s policies, especially because of their work with ELL populations. Click on the links below to access the Department of Justice’s guidance and an accompanying checklists.

Guidance and Model Policies to Assist California’s K-12 Schools in Responding to Immigration Issues


Your Dyslexia Questions Answered

Even with guidelines from the state Department of Education and those adopted by school districts, school psychologists, teachers, administrators and parents still have questions regarding assessment for dyslexia. CASP has developed a fact sheet in a Q & A format designed to answer those questions. Still have questions? If you are a CASP member, email us at and we will strive to get it answered. Not a member? Click on Join CASP above and see the benefits you’ve been missing. Become a CASP member today!