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Supporting California’s Immigrant Children

A Wall and a Travel Ban:
Supporting California’s Immigrant Children

“I know that now there is no hope of bringing in my dad’s part of the family here to America, no hope on giving them a better life. I hear so many heart-breaking stories of people who get stuck at an airport of a country they aren’t even familiar with because they were denied entry to the United States of America. The funny thing is that the countries that are banned have nothing to do with the terrorist attacks that were happening, but the countries that had to do with it are not even banned. The fact that Trump even clearly stated that the Christians will be prioritized over the Muslims makes it even worse. He’s basically labeling Me as a terrorist; having people stare at me differently on the street, because of HIM.”

–A California high school student

It’s remarks like these – and the fear that goes with them – that has prompted the California Association of School Psychologists to produce this hybrid Resource/Position paper for its members. The beginning of the paper is a look at the status of the federal administration’s travel ban and how that is affecting our students, while the second half is a listing of agencies for school psychologists who want to become involved in the issue. They may wish to share these with impacted students and families.

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