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The New Age of Artificial Intelligence in Psychological Practices

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatBots are increasingly integral to the realm of school psychology. These technological advancements, particularly tools such as ChatGPT, are reshaping the landscape of educational support services. This paper examines the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) within the field of school psychology, detailing both the enhancements it offers to practice efficiency and the ethical challenges it presents. It aims to equip school psychologists and Licensed Educational Psychologists (SP/LEPs) with a thorough understanding of AI capabilities, particularly in the context of ChatBots like ChatGPT, and to delineate the professional and ethical responsibilities associated with their use.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) describes the use of intelligent machines that contain vast amounts of data. These systems learn from past experiences and can perform human-like tasks effectively, working to enhance the speed, precision, and effectiveness previously done through human effort. This is accomplished through complex algorithms and methods that allow machines to make decisions on their own…

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