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January 20, 2024 Board Meeting Summary

By Mike Giambona, Secretary/Treasururer and Kristin Makena, Interim Executive Director

The CASP board convened virtually on January 20th, 2024 with a robust list of topics. The events summary showed that CASP’s Fall conference was a huge success with over 1,100 attendees. We are in the midst of opening registration for the virtual Spring Institute and planning July’s Summer Experience. Additionally, the CASP webinars page has been updated and provides CEUs for NCSPs and LEPs.

Further, the CASP website has many resource papers available for school psychologists including the recently published CASP Ethics Committee guidance document on the strengths and possible pitfalls of AI in school psychology.

A communications and marketing presentation outlined CASP’s work to coordinate with members and affiliates in utilizing social media to spread the word about trainings and legislative issues throughout the state. Our legislative partners also gave an update on the governor’s budget and other legislative issues. In addition, we had a progress report on the Future of Assessment for African American Students Committee (Larry P.)

The CASP executive board will be representing CASP at the NASP convention in New Orleans. The Executive Committee will be attending sessions aimed at enhancing CASP’s ability to advocate at local and national levels in addition to continue our new relationships with associations from surrounding states.

Please check your emails for updates on CASP couch chats, professional development opportunities, or visit for additional information. Finally, if you would like to become more involved with CASP through committees or volunteer work please let me know!

Region Updates

Region I

By Leslye Charlesworth, Ed.S., Region I Representative

Hello! Sonoma County Association of School Psychologists (SCASP) started out the new year by co-hosting a training with the North Eastern California Associations of School Psychologists (NECASP) entitled: “Empowering Assessments: Engaging Students and Parents Meaningfully in the IEP Process” on January 18th from 9-12pm. This was a 3-hour training with Dr. Liz Angoff and she shared innovative and practical tools in helping school psychologists better explain assessment results to students and parents. Check out our website for more information on upcoming events and trainings. Thank you!

Region III

By Connie-Marie King, Region III Representative

Region III currently has two active affiliates: KASP (The Kern Association of School Psychologists) and CVA-CASP (The Central Valley Association of School Psychologists). Both affiliates have been actively engaged in creating great training and social opportunities for school psychologists. KASP and CVA-CASP have already had a number of training sessions so far this school year, please make sure to check their social media and websites for any new opportunities to socialize and network. We appreciate all those who came out and networked at KASP’s recent social event. Congratulations to CVA-CASP on the funds collected for the School Psychology Scholarship Funds. I encourage you to take a minute and join your local affiliate. There are so many great opportunities for you to learn and network, and you can make some great friends. KASP started the new year by hosting a training on January 26, 2024, with Jennifer Rowe Gonzalez, who presented on Legally Defensible Assessment Report Writing. KASP will also be hosting Dr. Stephen Brock in February for a suicide prevention training. Please be on the lookout for more training opportunities on the CVA-CASP website. Please check out affiliate websites for more opportunities in professional development, social events, and networking opportunities. If you have any questions, please reach out to your affiliate presidents. KASP is currently being led by President Connie-Marie King, and President Ashley Trippel is currently leading CVA-CASP.

Instagram: @Kernasp.
Facebook: Kern Association of School Psychologists

Region V

By Ashley Schwenn, Region V Representative

Region V serves the needs of the Foothills Association of School Psychologists (FASP), Greater Long Beach Association of School Psychologists (GLBASP), and the South Bay Association of School Psychologists (SBASP). The executive boards of GLBASP and SBASP most commonly meet via Zoom either during or after the work day. SBASP is working to advertise their board meetings as “socials” in an attempt to garner additional participation

from members. All Region V affiliates continue to use social media and email blasts to communicate with membership on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. At this time, all three organizations are in the process of seeking new affiliate members and joint affiliate and CASP members as well as half-day professional development opportunities for their members. They have attempted cost-sharing to provide high quality PD for school psychologists in Region V; however, this will be more possible after both are able to secure additional funds from growing membership. GLBASP offered a PD session on January 19, 2024 on how to write legally defensible reports, and SBASP offered a PD session on AI and its use within the field of school psychology on January 25, 2024. SBASP is currently working to put together a follow-up series of free virtual “coffee chats” showcasing local school psychologists and private practitioners who have already implemented AI into their current practice. The most popular PD topics of interest include assessing English Language Learners and providing mental health services to address challenging behaviors post-COVID. The Region V Representative has started attending affiliate meetings to encourage greater communication and resource sharing within the region. If you or a colleague are looking to join and/or seeking leadership opportunities within the FASP, GLBASP or SBASP affiliate, please contact Ashley Schwenn who can link you with the leaders of these affiliates!

Region VII

By Dorothy Guinter, Region VII Representative

We find ourselves at the midpoint of the year, marveling at how swiftly time has flown! SANDCASP has been actively engaged in a myriad of activities. Recently, the SANDCASP board, in conjunction with some CASP members, held a productive meeting with SELPA directors from San Diego County. The primary focus of this meeting was to deliberate on CASP’s Response to CDE’s Memorandum on Special Education of African American Students dated September 14, 2022. The discussions were enlightening, and SANDCASP is committed to sustaining this collaboration with SELPA directors to foster ongoing and meaningful conversations.

In December, SANDCASP successfully organized a workshop on human trafficking, and we are currently in the process of finalizing workshops for the remaining months of the school year. As of now, SANDCASP boasts a membership of 207 individuals, and we

express our sincere gratitude for everyone’s unwavering support. Wishing you all a joyful holiday season, and we look forward to your participation in our upcoming workshops!

Region VIII

By Ivan Alvarez, Region VIII Representative

In December 2023 we hosted an LEP panelist event. Many members are looking to become LEPs or are seeking to expand their practice.

We are pending a meeting with SELPA to discuss Larry P. memorandum, many school psychologist in our region continue to seek support and guidance on the topic.

Finally we had an event on 1/16/23 with our local nonprofit TechWise to learn more about the impacts of technology on Mental Health.

Region IX

By Jennifer Strong, Region IX Representative
Exciting developments are underway at OCASP! We’re thrilled to unveil our upcoming student workshop scheduled for February 2024. The event will feature engaging morning presentations, insightful panel discussions, and an exclusive opportunity for personalized resume reviews. Register here.

In addition to this exciting news, we’re proud to announce the expansion of our board, welcoming seasoned school psychologists Sarah Meeks, Jamie Carey, and Angela Weedn from Irvine Unified and Ghada Al-Seilawi from Orange Unified. Join us in expressing gratitude and extending a warm welcome to these accomplished professionals, each bringing a wealth of knowledge to further support and strengthen the field of school psychology.

Region X

By: Amy Merenda, Region X Representative Region X is staying very busy this winter!

The Elk Grove Regional Association of School Psychologists (EGRASP) just held their fall mixer to celebrate School Psychology Week. EGRASP is also hosting the fabulous Danielle Christy for an in person training regarding Autism assessments. Check out the EGRASP website HERE to become a member and participate in some great learning opportunities.

The North Eastern California Association of School Psychologists (NECASP) just held a training about Neurodiversity Affirming Practices for School Psychologists and is preparing to host a training all about engaging student and parents in the IEP process. NECASP continues to hold bimonthly case consults as well. Check out their website HERE to become a member and take advantage of these great opportunities.

The Delta Area Association of School Psychologists (DAASP) continues to grow as an affiliate and provide support for school psychologists in the San Joaquin region. Check out their website HERE to become a member and support the association.

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