School Psychologist – San Jose

Provide services of a psychological nature designed to improve the development of the individual student and the educational program.
Director of Pupil Services

1. Make diagnostic psychological studies of atypical children referred for study. This may include classroom observation, psychological testing, case conferences, contacting community agencies, conferences with parents, and consultation to the teacher and principal.
2. Assists in planning and evaluating the district’s group testing program with emphasis on interpretation of the results to teachers and parents.
3. Consults with school personnel on individual pupil studies, test interpretation, attendance problems, retentions, accelerations, and other guidance matters.
4. Participates in the planning and conducting of in-service training program in the field of guidance for school personnel.
5. Participates in various educational research projects designed to improve the instructional program.

1. Prepares written reports of psychological findings and insures their confidentiality.
2. Does follow-up on pupils who have been referred for psychological study.
3. Administers appropriate individual tests to pupils having academic emotional, and social adjustment problems that interfere with school success.
4. Identifies and certifies students with intellectual disabilities and gifted children.
5. Re-test children with intellectual disabiliies and educationally handicapped children in accordance with district policy and the California Education Code.
6. Serves as a consultant to upper grade counselors regarding individual pupils, as well as the counseling program.
7. Consults with parents, doctors, and various agencies requesting special help or information concerning a child.
8. Serves as a consultant to specialist working in Special Services such as the teachers of students with intellectual disabilities, teachers of the educationally handicapped, speech therapists, and school nurses.
9. Participates in the evaluation of the district’s special education programs and plans.
10. Supervises counselors, psychologists, and psychometrists assigned to the district for training from San Jose State University.
11. Participates at parent study groups and Home and School Club meetings when called upon.
12. Supervises intern psychologists.

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